water grease trap

Besides other wastes coming from the kitchen the most abundant is the grease that accompanies the wastes flowing into the sewages. It is hard to get rid of this grease that is constantly pouring into the sewages. To handle this grease the sewages are fitted with the grease trap. The main purpose of adding the Sydney water grease trap is to ensure that all the unnecessary grease is collected and then prevented from entering into the sewages. If the grease in the sewages is not removed in time it can curse the entire sewage system with the unnecessary blockages, odours, and even growth of pest. Grease traps are not a new phenomenon. They were introduced back in the Victorian days and since then they have become a part of the drains receiving the water from the sinks and drains. They are created in such a way that they can hold enough wastewater coming from the kitchen sewages.

The grease traps are made with certain widely used materials like concrete, stainless steel, fiberglass plastics and the mild steel. The size and capacity of the grease traps ranges from 40 litres capacity to 45000 litres. In some cases the capacity can be even more than this depending on the kind of chores and the extent of the sewage coming out.

The grease trap can be installed both inside and outside the kitchen.

Working of the grease trap

To ensure that the maintenance and the grease trap cleaning trap cost are saved it is important to know how these traps actually work. They follow the principle called float on water. The trap is fitted with the specialized baffles. As the wastewater passes through these baffles reduce the speed of the wastewater inflow coming from the sinks fitted in the kitchen. The time required to remove the unwanted waste including the grease from the wastewater is called the settlement period. A trap installed on the outside keeps away the wastes from going into the unit. Thus making sure that clean water passes through. The waste that is removed from the water keeps accumulating and requires regular removal before it is discharged out in the main sewage.

Where can we use the grease traps?

Sydney water grease trap is used to remove the grease from the wastewater coming from the homes, hotel, educational institutions, food manufacturing units, clubs, and other public spaces.

Effectiveness of grease traps

If you want the grease traps on your premises work effectively then it is important to take into account several factors. The most important elements in this regard include the location, size, design, the kind of drainage and the quantity of the wastewater pouring in regularly. If you consider these factors vigilantly then you can save much of the essential grease trap cleaning cost. Considering the amount of waste coming out a single or multiple traps can be installed.