Have you ever given a thought that how clean water is separated from the dirty water under the ground? Basically; our water systems are perfectly managed by the amazing construction of pipeline systems. These pipelines are connected to one another in such a way that they do not allow the mixing of water impure substances. The whole connection of clean water system is completely separated from that of pipeline collection of water with waste materials in it.

There are many different types of pipeline systems; some of which allow the passage of water, some lets the oil pass through them; some are gas transmission pipes and so on. The manufacturing of these entire pipeline systems vary according to the material that is transported through them. There are special valves that are installed in the midway of these pipeline systems that allow the smooth flow of the liquid. In this article; we will be discussing about the structure and function of butterfly valves in australia.

The structure and function of butterfly valves:

Basically; valves are the kind of mechanical devices that are installed in the midway of pipeline system that controls the flow of liquid passing through them. There are so many different types of valves with different structures and different functions. One such type of valve is known as butterfly valve. It is the kind of valve that consists of a rotating circular plate or a kind of double semi circular hinged plates. These plates are attached to a transverse spindle and are then installed inside a pipeline. This type of valve moves in the quarter turn rotational motion form. It not only stops and starts the flow of liquid but also regulates its motion. This type of valve is easy to use and fast in functioning.               

Lined butterfly valve:

Line butterfly valve is another such kind of a valve that regulates the motion of liquid but it has slight different function and structure as well. This valve gas the interior lining of a rubber material which either isolates or regulates the flow of water or any liquid for the matter of fact. The reason behind naming these valves as butterfly valves is because they have this wing like structures installed in them which are used to regulate the movement of water but gives the appearance of a butterfly wings.


All of the valves that are installed in the pipeline systems have the main function of regulating the water flow or the flow of any kid of liquid. There are many different types of valves with different structures and slight different functions as well. Butterfly valves are also one of these valves that start, stops and flows the movement of the liquid. The structure of these valves has the appearance of the wings of butterfly hence the name. “Hy performance valves” provides the best quality of different types of valves including the butterfly valves and the lined butterfly valves.