The automotive industry has reached new heights as at 2018. This development has opened pathways to several other sub industries as well. The tire industry is one of them. If you’re a tire shop owner, you might be looking forward make more sales this year. Here are 3 handy tips that will help you to do it.

Offer a variety choice and a customized service

How many times have you hung up on people who try to sell you very specific things? You might be needing them but how they present you the items makes you lose the interest. It could be either on social media, in person or even over the phone, letting your customers know the variety of choice they’d have and how your shop has fitting options to their budgets is the best way you make them buy tires. It is letting them know that your shop has everything they could possibly want. Also, you can empower your sales team by giving them the liberty to present ongoing general discounts for your clients that will keep them attached.

Let customers see the tires

This is how you’re going to push the window-shopping people to do it for real. Showcasing what you do and a specified collection of your inventory of tires will make your shop like the place where everything is there. Investing on a few tyre racking for sale is one of the important investments you can do this year. It helps you to manage space and let your customers have a grasp of what you serve. You might be able to conduct an eye-catching photoshoot to upload them up on your website/ Facebook page. To do that you have to take your business online if you already haven’t. That way, your collection of neatly stacked tires will create a good impression.

Offer miscellaneous services

When any kind of a shop is offering miscellaneous services in their line of work, it not only helps you earn money outside the main business but also draw them in. If your tire shop had tire filling services, more customers will walk in. They might not want to buy tires at then, but they will pick you buy them. All you need a few nitrogen cylinders, a separate area and perhaps a gas bottle cage to ensure that the cylinders are stored safely. It’s easy money.

When it comes tires, it’s a very profitable business. Because every minute, a tire or two becomes unusable. Being there for your customers when they need help is how you’re going to be successful.